Writer's Block: Round and round

The Arrival-Is this what you call love?
I love this song. Really!!!

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There are two kinds of love...in the safe kind you look for someone who's exactly like you. It's what most folks settle for. But then there's the other kind of love. Everyone's born with a ragged edge, and some folks crave that piece that's a perfect fit. You'll search for it forever, if you have to. And if you're lucky enough to find it, it looks so right, you start to tear at your own seams, thinking, maybe I could look just as perfect. But then, of course, when you try to get close to their other half, you don't fit anymore. That kind of love...you come out of it a different person than you were when you started
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Writer's Block: Love to hate
Who are your favorite television or movie villains? What makes them so deliciously evil?

My favorite Movie Villian is Voldermort from Harry Potter. I mean, this guy is pure evil. Everything he does is evil and he has no humanity at ALL.
Also, my favorite Villian from TV series is Morgana from Merlin series cause she is clever. She pretends to care about Uther and the others and when the time comes she complites her plan!!!


Did you ever have the need to escape from your own self? Did you ever feel like you were drowning even though there was no water? Well, I feel like this right now. These feeling started when my boyfriend died, four months ago. It was so unexpected that still, I can’t accept that it really happened. But let me tell you my story from the beginning.

I was ten when I first saw Gabriel. He was a year older than me and he had just moved in my town. I remember that, even though I was too young to actually like boys, I thought that he was perfect. Tall, but not too much, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He was at my school but I didn’t go to talk to him of course, I was too shy.

Still, I used to watch him as he played with his new friends. He was really good at soccer. One day, at lunch, I tripped and dropped all my food on my clothes. That, of course, made the other kids to laugh and I was so embarrassed that I actually started crying. That was when he came.

“Hey, it’s okay” he said with a small smile and helped me clean some of the food. Beside him was one of his friends, Anya. Anyway, after that embarrassing day, we became good friends. I would go at sit with him and his friends at lunch and he would come to sit with my friends as yell.

My best friend, Sofia, had a crush on him but it was so innocent at that time that everybody would laugh. She would turn red when he talked to her or even looked at her.

As the years passed Gabriel and me became best friends. We had sleep over at each other’s houses and staff like that. My mum pretty much adored him. But our romantic story really started two years ago.

I was fifteen at the time and he was sixteen. He had grown to be a very handsome teenager. He had this emo style that every girl loved. That was when I started to have a crush on him. I even adopted the emo style just for him to like me.

It seems that it wasn’t really necessary because Anya, who had become a good friend for me, told me that he liked me. I was so happy that day that my mum thought I was crazy. Of course I talked to him and told him that I liked him and he kissed me.

That was how we started dating. We dated for two years till that awful day came. It’s hard to even remember it but I want to talk to someone. I know I can’t so I chose to write them here instead.

Anyway, it was a sunny Sunday and our group of friends decided to go at the park and just relax. Gabe was excited with the idea so we all went. The first two hours were peaceful. We just talked and laughed about things. Then the boys started goofing around and hitting each other. Us, the girls, watched them and laughed. I watched as Gabe fell on the ground and laughed again, thinking that he was trying to scared the other boys.

At first no one believed that something was wrong but then the boys tried to make him stand up and he didn’t move. I started panicking and run at his side. I turned him around and saw that he was really pale and was barely breathing.

I called his name but nothing happened. I remember Anya calling for an ambulance and our other friends shouting his name. My memories from that day are blur but I still remember how pale and cold he was.

The ambulance came ten minutes later but he was too late. He was dead. He had a heart attack. The doctor said that he had heart problems but no one knew so that was why he had a heart attack.

At his funeral I was so numb. I watched as his mother and relatives crying. Even Anya and Sofia cried. But I couldn’t. If I let myself cry, then it would mean that he was truly gone and I couldn’t let that happen.

So, four months passed since the day he died and I am still numb. I can’t feel anything at all and my psychologist says that if I continue like this I will have to take medication.

Everyone says to move on but how can I? Every time I laugh I feel guilty for being happy.

A part of me wants to finally move on but a bigger part says that I can’t move on because I’ll betray him. That’s why I am trying to escape from my own self.


Sorry about my English. They are pretty bad!!



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